Brokerage/Agency Platform

This holistic platform offering creates extreme operational efficiency while innovating and accelerating the customer and broker/agent insurance experience. Whether you’re looking to replace the multiple legacy systems being used today in your brokerage/agency or need a platform to power a strategic initiative in your business, the Bnude offering can be configured to facilitate your needs.

Use Case Examples


A brokerage accustomed to using multiple traditional tools such as a BMS, quoter, lead management platform, live chat and call recording/attaching and was able to consolidate to one system, Nude Solutions. This included, at no cost, pre and post launch training, support and consulting to ensure the brokerage success.

A brokerage with a large tenant and condo portfolio engaged with Nude Solutions to manage this high maintenance, low profit margin book of business. The brokerage was using traditional systems and moved to Nude Solutions to lever the real time policy management and automation.


In a changing insurance environment, a 3rd generation brokerage made the decision to innovate and started a separate brand/brokerage to serve the modern insurance consumer. Nude Solutions powers all aspects of this new brokerage, including a BMS, Quoting Engine, Accounting, Client Self Serve Account, Premium Financing, Data Collection and Reporting and much much more.

After years of focus and success on a single line of business, a brokerage with a significate book in personal lines automobile insurance utilized Nude Solutions to break into the property insurance marketplace. With minimal training and change management needs due to the intuitiveness off of the platform, within three months brokers were able to efficiently and conveniently provide property product options. This opened up a whole new revenue stream and offering to their existing customers, transforming their business model and producing value for their clients.


Imagine your world withno more…

The Modules

bond is a Broker Management System that gets rid of the inefficiencies and repetitiveness of a broker’s day to day job with its user friendly, intuitive functionality that not only allows brokers to serve customers more efficiently but also completely transforms the broker experience.

Real time data exchange

Automated activities & billing

No multiple data entry

thru gives customers and brokers a simple and modern interface and user experience for quoting, allowing brokers and customers to simply and conveniently bind and issue policies.

100% accurate pricing

Instant policy issuance

Mobile & desktop optimization

pocket lets customers take care of their insurance needs on their time. 24/7 login access to their account; anytime, from any device where they can manage all their documents and personal information.

24/7 claims submission

Accessible from any device

Manage insurance policies

engage gives brokers and customers a direct connection; building solid relationships and creating more opportunity to interact and offer added value to the relationship.

Referral source tracking

Customer engagement scores

Automated e-mail touchpoints

insights is a fully integrated data warehouse used to store, mine and leverage data using AI and machine learning that provides advanced analytics, reporting and dashboarding for your business.

Real time dashboards

Advanced data reporting

AI driven deep analysis

black provides brokerages with leading accounting software including robust financial reporting and access to numbers in real time. Black is accessible on any device and provides access to a fully integrated Premium Finance platform, giving brokerages autonomy and flexibility to control and manage customer payments.

Real time accounting

Integrated premium finance

Automated reconciliation

periscope allows brokerages to be in control of the quality of their customer base and risk they acquire by providing highly technical and sophisticated underwriting.

Behavioral underwriting

Criminal record checking

Emergency weather alerts

podium gives brokerages the ability to manage digital leads, referral partnerships and relationships within their own communities or across the country with real-time lead management.

Prospect & lead management

Foster partner relationships

Discount code assignment

Braden Bosch
Founder & CEO

Dustin Carl
Chief Technology Officer

Pam Woodhurst
Director, Partner Relations