The Nude Offering

The insurance industry is innovating and businesses are continuously trying to determine what tools are best for their company and their customers. There are a number of software options to choose from with even more emerging in the InsureTech era we are in today. The challenge of deciding on a platform, or a number of platforms, is difficult as most only solve one challenge, they don’t integrate with other systems being used and it’s too costly to use them all.  
Nude Solutions offers a fully integrated, holistic platform for the insurance industry
Brokerage/Agency Platform
  Built for a brokerage or agency looking for a platform that encompasses all the required technology needs while enhancing the customer experience and bringing significant operational efficiencies.  
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Carrier Platform (MGA, Mutuals & Insurers)
  Tailored for carriers both big
and small who are looking for digital transformation to bring more value, efficiency and connectivity to your operational departments and broker/agent partners.  
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Braden Bosch
Founder & CEO

Dustin Carl
Chief Technology Officer

Pam Woodhurst
Director, Partner Relations