Nude Solutions Launches Modern Platform For Brokers

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Nude Solutions has officially launched their transformational platform to the broker channel across Canada. A team of brokers and software developers, all located in Calgary, AB, have been working on the solution for four years and are now ready to support insurance brokers with technology that will modernize the way they handle their day to day operations while providing customers with the same digital experience they are receiving from all other industries.

The Nude Solutions journey has been one focused on leveraging technology to provide real time data exchange with the largest insurance companies in Canada. The platform aims to help brokers provide their customers with a digital experience and create extreme efficiency in their operational processes. “We have been working with Nude Solution for the past 18 months to create API’s and deliver our suite of Personal Property products through the platform and help support brokers with their digital journey” says Dawn Bloom, Executive Vice President & Chief Digital and Information Officer of SGI Canada. SGI Canada was the first insurer in Canada to build a full suite of modern API’s and deliver them to the broker channel.

Nude Solutions is built by brokers, for brokers, with a vision of powering brokerages with one fully integrated system that is cloud hosted and API driven to transform the way customers and brokers manage insurance. “Our industry has not innovated, and brokers and customers suffer every day as a result. There are too many micro options out there for brokers to try and innovate with, most of which are old technology, don’t integrate with each other, only solve one of many challenges and are far to expensive to possibly leverage all the necessary platforms to solve every challenge” says Braden Bosch, Founder & President of Nude Solutions.

Nude Solutions has been powering Nuera Insurance for the last four years, using them as their R&D department to get the platform ready for brokers. “Having brokers build and use the platform with real customer feedback has proven to be invaluable, allowing us to continuously improve and enhance both the customer and the broker experience” says Bosch.

Nude Solutions is working with the major insurers in Canada to integrate their products with the platform and strategically aligning with a small number of brokers to pilot in each province and will be going to market with their full solution mid 2020. To inquire about the platform and potentially become a partner please visit

About Nude Solutions

Founded in 2015, Nude Solutions is a holistic platform built by brokers, for brokers, designed to bring pride to the insurance industry by providing the digital experience that everyone deserves. By inspiring and empowering insurance professionals, Nude Solutions leverages technology to change the way brokerages operate their business and serves their customers, with 8 fully integrated modules on an infrastructure that is cloud hosted and API driven.

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About Nuera Insurance

Since 2015, Nuera has been changing the insurance experience by providing a simple and convenient way to buy and manage your insurance online. By inspiring people and embracing technology, Nuera removes the pain and friction and delivers a smarter online insurance experience that rewards safe and healthy lifestyles and behaviour. Nuera believes that your insurance experience should be painless, preventative and ultimately rewarding.

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