Program Brokers

Brokerages who manage their own programs often have many manual processes. See how the Nude Solutions platform can help you automate today.

Broker Portal

Use your very own configured broker portal to optimize efficiencies via an integration with your Cnude policy administration system.

What does optimization look like?

  • Real-time quote
  • 100% quote accuracy
  • Bind and issue the policy
  • Process full payment or setup premium financing
  • Receive policy documents

…All with one click in real-time


A policy administration system to manage your in house programs. In our product’s module, you will build and publish your products for use by your underwriters in the policy module and your brokers in the gateway module.

  • Automate submission from your broker eliminating manual entry
  • Underwriter referral feature
  • Automated policy document creation
  • Automated bordreau report creation

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Cnude Modules

The Nude Ecosystem


The seamless integration of your Portal and Cnude instance together will create the power of efficient automation. Like a well-made blanket that is interwoven, our Portal and Cnude platform creates the magic of an unseen ecosystem.

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Distribution Marketplace

Since you aren’t the only ones on the Nude Solutions platform, wouldn’t it be nice to tap into other additional products that may be available to you? The Distribution Marketplace is just that, list your products if you sub-broker or add other products to your offering that are available from brokerages, MGA’s and insurers.

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Solutions Exchange

Imagine a world where you can connect a multitude of products together to create the system of your dreams. Everything from lead management, marketing campaigns, credit checking, sanction hits, accounting integrations and so much more. That is what the Solutions Exchange was built for. Any and all software solutions with an API could be connected to our ecosystem.

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Additional Services

Our team of internal experts and external consultants offer additional services and are here to assist your team with implementation and ongoing support, ensuring your success.

Custom Development

Our development team will scope out, determine the feasibility of all custom development requests and inflow if deemed viable.

Product Consulting

Our consultants will assist you with building your products including rates, rules, underwriting guidelines, and user interfaces to publish those products in your instance of the Nude Solutions platform.


Once you are onboarded, configured, and your products are built, our team of professionals will start training your digital champion on the functionality of our system.


Our team will work with you to develop a plan for the migration of your existing data onto the Cnude platform. 

Key Features & Functionality


Design, build and publish your proprietary products with our one of a kind design product


Allows underwriters to make changes to rates and rules in real-time during the policy term


Full policy life cycle automation for both the Broker and Underwriter (quote, bind, issue, change, cancel, renew)


Underwriter Referral functionality for the underwriter to review a quote from a broker before bind

Automated bordereau reports, declaration page and application


Automated bordereau reports, declaration page and application


Limit and capacity monitoring to ensure Lloyds of London requirements are adhered to


Subscription management functionality to meet Lloyds of London requirements


Auto generation of certificates of insurance for clients and other third-parties

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