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We’re on a mission to empower insurance –
and we can’t do it without amazing people like you!

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Together, everyone achieves more

Since 2018, Nude Solutions has been on a path to (positively!) disrupt the insurance industry, and from day one, people have always been our focus. Without phenomenal people we wouldn’t have our awesome platform, we wouldn’t be able to provide the incredible customer service we do, and we wouldn’t be able to help change the world as we know it. This is why we’re so proud of our team of crazy, amazing humans who come from all walks of life, with incredible stories, who don’t simply make up a workplace – we make up a community. We embrace our differences, celebrate each others’ successes, and know that together we can reach our goals so much faster than we ever could on our own.

Our guiding principles

Lead with relationships

We are loyal to our teams, customers and vendors and always put our relationships first.
We are always fair and show respect to everyone in our lives that we cross paths with.
We are easy to talk to, have great listening skills and can always be counted on.


Sweat the details

We always give our best effort, are accountable and never over promise and under deliver.
We are consistent, disciplined and execute on what we say we will do.
We take risks, are creative and innovative and always strive for nothing but excellence.


Never problems, only solutions

We fail fast, learn from our mistakes and never give up.
We are creative problem solvers committed to figuring things out.
We make plans, stay focused, and are engaged in what we do.


Good vibes only

We are happy, forward thinking and embrace change.
We are positive and passionate about our careers, customers and life in general.
We can be trusted, are candid and self aware of our personality and others.


Nothing works unless you do

We are confident and competent and perform at a high-level.
We do whatever it takes to provide an exceptional experience.
We know that if it was easy, everyone would do it… so make shit happen.

Be healthy and happy at work

Your work pays off

We offer a Share Appreciation Rights program, which gives you some skin in the game!

Never stop learning

You get an annual learning budget to develop your knowledge and skills to continue growing.

Birthdays are your day

We believe you deserve to be celebrated! You get an extra day off during your birthday week!

It’s good to take breaks!

We give extra time off to ensure you get the breaks that you need and deserve.

Stay hydrated

A well stocked beverage fridge (complete with pop, juice, sparkling water, beer, cider, and more) helps you feel right at home.

Build real relationships

We offer a variety of team bonding and team building events, from community volunteering, to board game nights, we want you to love the team you spend time with!

We can’t wait to meet you!

Ready to be a part of the Nude Solutions team? We love meeting new people and are passionate about helping you unlock your potential and create your dream career alongside equally driven and unbelievable people. You’ve made it this far – now all that’s left to do is apply!

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