About Nude Solutions

The insurance industry forgot to innovate with the rest of the world, using old legacy technology on a day to day basis. As a millennial who has spent 20 years in the insurance industry, Nude Solutions founder and CEO, Braden Bosch, recognized the need for innovative solutions to modernize the industry. Leveraging his knowledge, experience and entrepreneurialism he embarked on bringing his vision to life, providing the insurance industry with a modern platform that will forever change the insurance experience.

Our Journey

Nude Solutions Founder and CEO Braden Bosch — a long-time insurance expert and entrepreneur — saw every industry evolve in the palm of his hand except insurance. He wanted to build a platform to solve the industry’s inefficiency problems. In 2015, he piloted the Nude Solutions platform in his digital brokerage. Other brokerages heard about the technology and wanted to integrate it. To meet demand, Braden opened Nude Solutions in 2018. Since then, over 17 brokerages (and counting) across Canada have adopted the platform.

Where we are today?

Nude Solutions is a cloud-hosted platform. It provides brokerages and carriers real-time payment processing, accounting, pre-underwriting (risk assessment), data analytics, and more. Because the platform is cloud-hosted, brokerages only need an internet connection to use it. The same applies to customers — they only need an internet-connected device to purchase and manage their insurance from Nude-based brokerages. The platform is also tied to insurance carrier application program interfaces (APIs), and offers integrations brokers need including HubSpot, PowerBI, and CSIO.


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