About Nude Solutions

Braden Bosch  Founder & President

The insurance industry forgot to innovate with the rest of the world and unfortunately brokers have been plagued with using old legacy technology on a day to day basis. As a millennial who has spent 20 years in the insurance industry, Braden recognized the need for innovative solutions for brokers of the future. Leveraging his knowledge and experience along with his entrepreneurialism, he embarked on bringing his vision to life, and Nude Solutions was born, giving brokers a modern platform that will forever change the insurance experience.

Our Journey

Since 2015, Nude Solutions has been removing pain and friction from the insurance process and has been on a journey focused on leveraging technology to help brokers better serve the customer. Nude Solutions is a platform built by a team of insurance broker professionals and software developers, all on Canadian soil. The platform is made up of 8 fully integrated modules on an infrastructure that is cloud hosted and API driven.

Where we are today?

Nude Solutions is working with major insurers in Canada to integrate their products with the platform and strategically aligning with a small number of brokers to pilot in each province and will be going to market with their full solution mid 2020.

So, where are we going?

Nude Solutions will continue to work with brokers to improve and enhance the platform as technology rapidly evolves. Together, with industry leading technology, the broker channel will continue to thrive, we will be leaders in our industry and work for customers to deliver the best insurance experience in the country.