Taking tenant insurance ‘into the cloud’: Lloyd Sadd provides client an online platform with Nude Solutions

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The opportunity

Throughout 2020 and now 2021, the need for customers to have cloud-based (online) platforms to manage their insurance has increased — this has been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic, it’s often inconvenient — or in some cases impossible — for customers to go in person to meet their insurance needs.

Paul Constance, President of Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Calgary, needed a cloud-based solution for one of their property management clients. In particular, their client wanted to make it easy for their tenants to purchase and manage their insurance.

The solution

After learning what Nude Solutions offered, Constance knew the platform would be a fit. Their client could offer tenants a way to purchase and manage their insurance all online, 24 hours a day. Beyond giving their tenants a user-friendly insurance experience, Constance says the Nude Solutions platform provided further value to their client.

“By integrating the platform, this property management firm has access to built-in fraud detection and premium financing capabilities. It’s really a one-stop-shop.”

The goal

Constance says Lloyd Sadd’s partnership with Nude Solutions is an example of its dedication to providing an excellent customer experience.

“We view our clients as our partners; they’re at the heart of everything we do,” says Constance. “We are constantly striving to find innovative and better solutions for them.  In this case, it was providing an online solution to make life easier for them and their customers. We’re excited to see where this partnership with Nude Solutions goes.”

Interested in taking your insurance business online?

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