Ives Advantage chooses Nude Solutions to get a competitive edge  

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The opportunity

David Stark is the president of Ives Advantage insurance, based in Waterloo, Ontario. His team specializes in online and program-based policies.

Most Ives Advantage customers want 24/7 access to their policies. Stark wanted a platform that gave his customers the flexibility they wanted and also modernized day-to-day work for his brokers.

The solution

Stark says Nude Solutions was a natural fit – both in name, and functionality.

“With a last name of Stark —naked — of course we had to choose Nude Solutions,” he jokes. “All of that aside, the platform just made sense for our customers and business. Our customers can change and update their policies whenever they want. Nude Solutions was the only cloud-based platform that gave our customers the experience they wanted and suited our business model – offering policies under $250 directly to the client.”

Stark says he also chose the platform because it was designed by a broker, for brokers.

“It addresses all the issues we see on a daily basis. Very few platforms do this well,” he says. “For example, it takes a third (or less) of the time to do an endorsement on the Nude platform.”

The goal

At the end of the day, Stark says the decision to shift to a new platform was about staying competitive.

“That means you need to listen and adapt,” he says. “Our brokers wanted a platform to make their workflows efficient. Our customers wanted autonomy. We have the best of both worlds now.”

Interested in taking your insurance business online?

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