Nude Solutions launches manual product

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One of Nude’s guiding principles is, “no problems, only solutions.” In keeping with that, we developed manual products. 

Manual products allow our integrated broker partners to enter quotes and policies from carriers that aren’t currently integrated into our platform. This means more flexibility and revenue generation for our broker partners.  

How manual products work   

After a broker enters a quote and/or policy from another carrier into our platform, the user-friendly functionality our broker partners experience with our integrated policies (for our integrated carriers) applies: 

  • Nude’s client payment facilities — including integrated premium financing and credit card — can be utilized;  
  • customers can make changes in real-time to their payments;   
  • customers can view the policy documents attached to specific activities;  
  • customers can use pocket to request changes;  
  • brokers can amend payments within the customers file (just like a modern policy);  
  • and brokers can have the system send automated policy document emails to your customers (similar but slightly different from modern products 

Manual product sneak peek

Here’s a look at some of the manual product functionality:

Adding a new prospect/customer


Adding a new policy

Using the payment processor

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