Bora Insurance Brokers increases business efficiencies with Nude Solutions

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The opportunity 

Bora Insurance Brokers President and Owner, Sarah Edwards, had been waiting years for a platform that made life easier for her brokers and customers. “Making life easier” meant giving her brokers workflows that didn’t involve multiple logins to carrier platforms and double entry. For her customers, making life easier meant giving them a user-friendly interface. 

The solution

Since integrating the Nude Solutions platform, Edwards can provide her brokers the experience she envisioned.  

“Our brokers save so much time using the platform. Take a home insurance policy for example. We don’t have to ask customers 50 questions about their home, most of which they aren’t sure of anyways. The platform simply asks their address, and a home value comes up based off that. It’s fast and efficient.” 

Edwards says in addition to the broker experience, the platform provides a simple, user-friendly insurance experience for customers.  

“We already offered great customer service. Now, we have the technology to modernize that foundation,” she says. “Let’s go back to the home insurance example. If a customer forgets to buy insurance when they’re purchasing a new home, Nude provides an easy way for the customer and our brokers to get a policy purchased quickly. After the purchase, they instantly receive their policy documents and get access to a customer portal. On the portal they can update their policy, payment schedule, and more.” 

An added bonus

Edwards also says while the platform itself is a game changer, what makes Nude different is integrated brokerages get long-term benefits from the technology.   

“The team is always taking ideas, developing, and continuing to improve what they already have,” she says. “Nude is helping the insurance industry leap into the 21st century!” 

Want to modernize your insurance business? 

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