Mutual chooses Cnude to accelerate growth

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Nude Solutions proudly announces its newest partner, My Mutual Insurance. Going live with Cnude allows My Mutual to leverage a modern and affordable policy administration system. Cnude’s flagship product designer and publisher will automate the entire policy life cycle for brokers and underwriters. This revolutionary feature creates a full configuration of insurance products while offering operational efficiency and an elite user experience. It’s an open-minded way of experiencing insurance software by removing the limitations found in other off-the-shelf products.

Industry-Wide Solution

Nude Solutions’ Cnude platform is designed for the entire Property and Casualty Insurance Industry. With sophisticated service-oriented architecture, the system can be configured to meet the extensive diversity within the industry.

Comprehensive Program

Offering MGAs, Mutuals, and Brokers with Programs a platform that helps automate processes, streamline workflow, and reduce operational costs. The fully integrated modules allow you to enhance your offering by adding claims management, reinsurance, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and more. Alongside standard reporting, you have full access to your data when you want it, allowing specialized and customizable analytics and reporting that suits your needs. Reinforcing its completeness, Cnude supports distribution by connecting you to clients and intermediaries with a fully integrated, themeable, and intuitive portal solution.

Streamlining processes isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about freeing up time to build meaningful relationships that drive true success. – Valerie Fehr, Chief Empowerment Officer, My Mutual Insurance

Personal and Professional Support

Cnude not only offers a platform providing a policy administration system for your proprietary products, Nude Solutions also offers real-time support and solutions allowing their partners to maximize the work day and remain efficient. 

The support from the Nude Solutions team during our conversion has been unparalleled. They quickly address issues, respond to questions, and adapt to our urgent needs. Their expertise and flexibility have made them a true partner in the successful launch of this new software. – Jen Harder, Innovation & Operations, My Mutual Insurance

Customizable Product Designer

 Cnude’s fully integrated micro-services allow our partners to design, build, and publish products in our one-of-a-kind product designer.

Their user-friendly software puts the power in the hands of the user as it allows us to customize our own product lines, wordings, underwriting criteria and allows us to immediately update products in production with no time delays or cumbersome ticket system. – Rob Kroeker, Product Development, My Mutual Insurance

Nude Solutions’ vision is to provide the best insurance experience in the world, by empowering Carriers, MGAs, Mutuals, and Brokers with Programs to deliver a digital experience with a modern and innovative platform. Cnude is a cost effective, industry-leading solution for those looking to create operational efficiency and process optimization within their business. The platform provides a policy administration system for all your proprietary products.

The whole Nude team shares so much passion for bringing innovation and automation to our industry. Cnude allows your business to be responsive to the market and your customers, facilitating accelerated growth with internal optimization to support the growth. – Braden Bosch, Chief Executive Officer, Nude Solutions

About Nude Solutions

Founded in 2018, Nude Solutions has been removing pain and friction from the insurance process and is on a mission to leverage technology to empower the insurance industry. Cnude is a platform built by a team of insurance professionals and software developers, all on Canadian soil. The Cnude platform is made up of nine fully integrated modules on an infrastructure that is cloud-hosted and API-driven.

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 About My Mutual Insurance

My Mutual is a fast-growing, innovative mutual insurance company based locally in Saskatchewan. With a unique culture prioritizing relationships and customer service, they bring the insurance industry back to its roots, placing People First: On Purpose. Providing insurance for over 125 years, My Mutual offers a full suite of insurance products to clients they serve through over 180 brokerage connections.